Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Positions:

If you have any questions about these volunteer positions, please contact Cash Singleton Email: mscash74@gmail.com

GYF runs on volunteer help. When registering your child, please consider choosing one or more of the following volunteer needs.

These positions are for the GYF Program:

Apparel volunteers: These volunteers will assist Anthony Jordan, Director of Football, with the organization and sales of team apparel during practices and games.

These positions are needed for each team:

Team Parent: Each playing level will need an organized team parent who can ensure that our parents have all the info needed for a successful season. In addition, team parents will coordinate: Games Snacks, Support Team Fundraisers, Home Game Chain Team, Game Action Photographer, and Game Videographer.

Chain Gang: 3 people per playing level needed to run the chains and down markers at the home games. 3 to 4 home games are expected this season. This is a League Requirement.

Game Action Photographer: 1-2 people needed each game per each team to capture the high octain action of our athletes. Photographers will need to have some knowledge of sports photography and have your own equipment. Photos will be used to post on our website, used as a fundraiser for Grant Youth Football and included in season ending highlight video.

Game Videographer: 1-2 people needed to take video play by play at each game. Video is used by the coaching staff to critique play effectiveness and improve position play for future games. Video will also be used in the Highlight Video at the Season end.

Game Play Tracker: 1-2 people needed each game to work closely with Coaching Staff on the sidelines to track the number of plays for each player. The league requires that each player should have a minimum of 8-10 plays per game. This is a league requirement. Parents must be able to pay close attention to personal and not get lost in the action of the game.

G-Squad Spirit Coordinator: 2-4 Parents per playing level needed to facilitate team support during all GYF games (i.e. Regular Season and Playoffs). Duties to include helping w/ Rallying the parent cheer section, coming up with creative GYF cheers to support our players, and encourage parents to invest in GYF Appearal to unify the G-Squads!